About us

If a child is to be successful, they need to be able to communicate, contribute and share the world around them in positive ways that encourage overall lifelong success.

The 21st century is a world of fast thinkers, idea makers and significant change. With the rapidly expanding forms of technology it has become even more vital to learn the essential skills needed to participate and excel.

We offer students a strong stepping stone towards success and nurture the personal needs of each child in relevant and meaningful ways which encourage students to become more confident in their ability to achieve in our rapidly changing world.

It will be both the teachers and parents of today that help form the future society of tomorrow so lets work together to make the world as accessible as possible for our tamariki.

The overall aim for young children is expressed nicely through the vision statement in the New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). As teachers, we want our aakonga (students) to be:

"Confident, connected, actively involved, and lifelong learners."

(NZC, 2007, p.8)

To do this successfully, children need to develop both their social and developmental skills.